1987 looks a lot like 2007 take a loook

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  2. Wow, you're not kidding. Thanks for the chart.
  3. Why'd you leave the last few days off of your 2007 chart?
  4. The scales are VERY misleading.

    But there is remarkable similarity in the recent price action.
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    if you put 2 similar time series next to each other and then let the one to drop it will appear to an observer that the second should drop as well.
    magicians base their tricks on optical illusions like this one....

    still he is missing only Friday - which would show as the last small pop on the black graph before the tumble. Note that 1987 was a first trading day after weekend too...:D
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    The markets have many, many analogs like this... almost NONE play out as feared/hoped/anticipated.
  7. exactly

    if I did enough work, I could pull up a chart just like 2007 where the market went much higher afterwards.

    this is the kind of stuff newbies fall for.

  8. everything works in cycles, winter of discontent will cyclically abate, when enough premium is built up, then the market will look upon itself.

    what I have noticed in the price action is, that large institutional position inflows have virtually ceased. And its basically traders pushing it around and taking money away from each other.

    since the hedge fund rout, naive money is very hard to find in the markets. When this type of situation develops, markets usually engineer conditions for naive money to work itself back into the market.

    the other scenario is that a group of large funds corner the short interest in the market. Then use day to day trading to break support levels, but this is dangerous since a FED cut could easily produce large paper losses momentarily. This scenario is only left for when the FED cut arises.

    But with a bearish trade, only a select few companies will outperform, so money will flow into companies that have the highest RSI/EPS ranks.

    AAPL is a surprising company, everything I would want in a technology company to research, AAPL is taking the initiative. This is a life modification company. Companies that change the way we live our lives, should be the companies money should be invested in. MSFT had all the opportunities to engage in new ventures, but they are extremely conservative and not forward thinking. AAPL/volkswagon announcement of joint developement of the iCar, just proves this.

    We are lagging what the future was envisioned to be like by now. Hopefully more companies will step up to the plate.
  9. This one time, I rolled 4 on a pair of dice following by a 11.

    Today, I rolled a 4 again, surely my next roll is likely to be 11 :D
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    Easy there, Dragon, you are talking about more than half the guys on this board.
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