1980s NYSE photos/info!

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    Hi all! First time poster here....

    I'm working on a tv show that takes place leading up to the 1987 crash. Was wondering if there are any traders on here that worked in the NYSE in the 1980s and might have photos from that time!

    Specifically interested in the jackets worn by floor traders and the setups/ technology used in the NYSE at that time.

    ANY information would be a huge help to me and my team!

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    Tech was mainly hardline phones and pen and paper I think :D
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    "the sheets" :)
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    From the AMEX-The green one is from 1987.

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    You should be able to call the NYSE and ask for help.
    Media Relations 770-857-4700
  8. What kind of TV show...like a real, real one...for a big production studio?
    Will it be a made-for-TV movie, or a documentary of some sort for maybe the Discovery channel or History channel or HBO or BBC or Netflix?

    I wish you were making something that covers current/modern traders. -- I'd have loved to say something wise and generic like....'Trading is part art, and part science.' :confused: ...while looking deeply into the distance,
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  9. Bob,
    You're a handsome looking fella, :)
    - m
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    That was a long time ago, but thank you.
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