198 trades made, no report received and NYSE:" Your case has been closed". What to do next?

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    No I did not, since i am not a beliver in public' mobilization;)
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    We too, but never say never, you never know where the life will guide you. We are driven to do what we are doing. And, please, make me a favor - before to express any further opinion regarding our matter, read the story and sign the petition. Even if you don't believe, this is in our opinion is a powerful tool in stopping them from falsifying trade reports or losing court files, as it was in 2013-2016.
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    as i said i am not a believer in this stuff and do not sign on anything in which i do not believe
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    I wonder if this is something similiar... https://elitetrader.com/et/threads/...ers-about-trading-venues.322221/#post-4675897
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    Thank You, Vanzandt!
    Nice to hear from you and very interesting to know!
    We think our cases are even worth - they never send in any direction our orders, like Madoff. The proves are simple
    - in the first instance, our orders for ETFs FAZ and FAS in February 2009 would be around 5% f daily volumes at that date. We were very novice in active trading (even did not know this word, lol, but true), but now understand it is impossible to place orders and see fills with such volumes 10-20 times a day. We would move market each time order was entered.
    - -second, no Credit Suisse Bahamas, no UBS provided us with time and sales reports. Just only "brokers advise" with no any number of routing and what they used for place orders if they did it. Snf new UBS, in court, trying to persuade the judge that it is non-significant! And promising to bring witnesses to testify, what? That those policies were normal? Or that executions within minutes, up to 20 minutes were very standard in 2013?
    And here is the answer we received by SEC in 2014. And SEC Bahamas did nothing.
    And below also FINRA's answer, also in 2014.
    After a couple of days with our requests concerning Credit Suisse and our demand letter, sent to the Headquarter of Credit Suisse in the USA, the UBS requested to pay back loan four years before it's expiration and sequestred our money. Looks unbelievable, cheap opera, bad screenwrite.. if it wasn't our family saga and suffering and battle.
    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: "Help" <help@sec.gov><help@sec.gov>
    Date: 2014-02-13 17:11 GMT-05:00
    Subject: SEC Response HO::~00381257~::HO [ ref:_00D30JxQy._500a0fBZiOAAW:ref ]
    To: ".........................@gmail.com" <.................................@gmail.com>

    Dear .............................................................:

    Thank you for contacting the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The issue you raise -- excessive fees charged by a Bahamas branch of a financial institution headquartered in Switzerland -- is not one over which the SEC has jurisdiction.

    To weigh your legal options, our best advice would be to consult an attorney licensed to practice law in Bahamas. In addition, you may want to contact Securities Commission of The Bahamas for assistance. The contact information is as follows:

    Securities Commission of The Bahamas
    3rd Floor, Charlotte House
    Shirley and Charlotte Streets
    P.O. Box N-8347
    Nassau, Bahamas
    Telephone 1-(242) 397-4100 (Nassau)
    1-(242)-225-8171 (Family Island toll free)
    1-(360)-450-0981 (International)
    Fax 1-(242) 356-7530
    Email info@scb.gov.bs


    Vivien Liu
    Senior Counsel
    Office of Investor Education and Advocacy
    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
    (800) 732-0330


    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Lee, Claudia<Claudia.Lee@finra.org>
    Date: 2014-02-11 6:22 GMT-05:00
    Subject: FINRA File # 20130395764 – Irina Starostenko-Tsareva / Francisco Goncalvez and Credit Suisse
    To: ".................................................@gmail.com" <........................................@gmail.com>

    Via E-Mail only

    February 11, 2014
    RE: FINRA File # 20130395764 – Francisco Goncalvez and Credit Suisse AG, Private Banking, Nassau Branch, Bahamas
    Dear .......................................................:
    This is to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence concerning the above-referenced parties.
    FINRA is one of several regulatory organizations responsible to ensure that securities brokerage firms and their registered representatives comply with securities industry rules and regulations. Each organization is responsible for investigations based upon a number of factors including the type and nature of the securities activities.
    After a preliminary review, the staff has determined that the issues in question pertain to individual(s) and firm(s) that are not registered with FINRA. However, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) may have jurisdiction in this matter. Since your complaint concerns outside FINRA’s jurisdiction, your correspondence has been sent to the SEC. The SEC can be reached via its web site, http://www.sec.gov/investor.shtml. For your convenience, following is the address and telephone number to mail or fax your correspondence to the SEC:
    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
    Office of Investor Education and Advocacy
    100 F Street, N.E.
    Washington, DC 20549-0213
    Phone: 1-800-SEC-0330
    Fax: (703) 813-6965

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.
    Claudia Lee
    Claudia Lee
    Associate Principal Analyst
    Investor Complaint Center
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    So far your case seems to be divided into two parts:

    1. "I wasn't executed in a timely manner" but you do not show any tick data/L2 data as evidence.

    2. Secondly, there seems to be contractual issues regarding your margin loan secured against your property.

    For the first part, do you have:
    1. Exact timestamps of when you actually submitted your order(s)
    2. Exact timestamps of execution
    3. Any agreement (or implied expectation) with your broker about order submission/execution times?
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    Thank you Jharmon for your interests and prices questions. I see you are on ET since 2008! The time we first started to do something like trading. If only we knew about the existence of ET, if only we had the wisdom to come here earlier the story would certainly be different. Well, anything is at right time.

    To answer your questions -
    First of all, there are two cases.
    - Credit Suisse, 2009, with overcharged fees, not timely executed trades, reporting (in default of which will be proof of fictitious trading or masked, as from SEC 19 June 2018) bad advise and breach of duty to protect capital.
    Here we have all, except traders time and will request the bank to provide - they must keep a record of each trade generated by phone, email, forever.
    - UBS 2013
    "1. Exact timestamps of when you actually submitted your order(s)"
    yes, we do, it was all by email
    "2. Exact timestamps of execution"
    yes, same by email received from UBS, but they did not provide us with any data from clearing house or exchange.
    They called here that data Broker's contracts note, but both banks are keeping submitting "Trading advises" and hoping to convince a judge that it is correct!
    "3. Any agreement (or implied expectation) with your broker about order submission/execution times?"
    - implied agreement DMA based on promises and normal practices of the financial industry in 2013! Once UBS failed to provide our web platform (after issuing the loan, when we were already trapped) we had the email from hem confirming execution within 20 seconds, but it never happened.

    "2. Secondly, there seems to be contractual issues regarding your margin loan secured against your property. " yes and more, here is the extract from our statement of claim with the summary

    - it was typical predatory loan, so-called "loan to own".
    Thank you for any suggestions, ideas, directions.
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