1966 computer prediction comes true (or at least pretty close)

Discussion in 'Economics' started by peilthetraveler, May 29, 2011.

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    Very interesting. But I will bet you that despite totally predicting the future here, none of the people involved ever benefitted financially from being right.

    It seems in life that being right too soon is just as valuable as being right too late.

    Ted Turner once said, "If you want to make money at something, be second, not first."

    From a stock perspective I think there is truth here too - for example, someone knows for sure that stock XYZ is going to drop to 33 from it's current 75. But if they know this too soon, that stock may reach 150 before hitting 33. Doesn't do much good. They are right in theory, but they're not riding the wave correctly.

    I actually watched a lot of the silicon valley grow as I grew up and saw this phenomenon first hand. An incredible number of forward thinking people contributed to everything we benefit from today - but the people who really profited from it were the people who just rode the wave (and in some cases, knew when to get off that wave.)