195k CW REO properties by state from 10/23

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Mr Pain, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    If you want to see something scary go to


    Check about 1/2 way down the page, past the current list and see when on October 23rd Countrywide accidentally listed 195k REO properties. You can actually select a state and see which houses are listed. They include addresses and brokers.

    There are around 350 Countrwide houses for sale in my area today but that day there were just about 10x more. Now I know only one of these houses that were added for a day because of a tech glitch and it is on the path to foreclosure.

    A year ago CW had around 4k REO houses; today it is over 14k. This one day, because of the “tech glitch”, there was 195k.

    Go to the listing ½ down and check your state and area. Drive by a few of the addresses in your area and see if these houses are vacant. Per some others who did this, the mistakenly added properties they saw were unoccupied. Please report if you do see anything.
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