1948 cartoon hits nail on 2009 head

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fhl, Nov 5, 2009.

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    hits it on the head squarely...
  3. +1,000,000! Fantastic!
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    LOL, ironic.
  5. Too bad the MSM wasn't showing this every night before the "Obama-ism" election.. :( :(
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    That wouldn't help, as it can really only appeal to those who can't see that it's apologetic.
  7. It is always conveniently omitted from the story of "american greatness" that getting boundless land filled with all kinds of minerals, arguably the world's best soil, plenty of drinkable water, fish, game, lumber, oil, coal and all kinds of other natural resources has been instrumental in making US what it is now.. It is also worth noting, that US geographic position is an excellent one, protected by 2 two oceans and bordering canada and mexico.

    During the time war was the national sport in europe, US was building up a massive economic arsenal. Finally, when europe committed collective suicide not once but twice (WWI&WWII) US only got stronger.

    Had US been founded on a land such as currently occupied by Syria(no oil or anything else for that matter) it would be worth jack shit, democracy or no democracy, capitalism or no capitalism.
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    So you're saying the US won the geographic lottery?

    There is a little more to it than that kid.

    Fortunately for you however, thanks to a lot of dead service men, you're free to pack up your shit and leave any time you decide your conscience won't allow you to stay in a country with such a fortuitous geographic location.

    I have no doubt there is third world shit hole somewhere just dying to recruit and immigrate a professional and skilled grocery bag boy.
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    We did win the geographic lottery, nicely put.

    Of course there is more to it, he left out trade protectionism and imperialism.

    The rest is overreaction imho. You do know that we are, thanks to those dead servicemen you mention, free to criticise the government. Well, that and the repeal of the sedition laws.
  10. US won a lot more than geographic lottery, US is arguably the luckiest nation on the planet. When the rest of the world lay in ruins in WWII US position in the world got artificially inflated.
    US spent most of that position fighting the cold war.
    However that luck is perceived to be an affirmation of inherent american greatness.

    US did not invent the concept of freedom, democracy or the republic. The colonies were not totalitarian creations and were allowed considerable self rule. The colonies were not economically backward nor did they sprung up from an inferior country. Britain was the greatest economic and military power at the time and many of its principles got passed down to US subsequently(common law is a good example)
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