1939 New York in HD Color!

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    Look how decently dressed and clean the black areas were in 1939.

    I wish I could go back in time and talk to the black folks and tell them about the future. I will say..."There is good news & bad news. The bad news is that blacks will no longer dress respectable like they do in 1939. They will wear their pants below their underwear and not even be ashamed. The good news is, you get to drink from the same water fountain as white people!
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    NYC almost looked like a normal city back then.

    Of course we know it is far from normal today.
  3. The "Gangs of New York" gives a much better perspective of the 'normal' in New York from about 1840 to 1960.
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    Great clip! And what a "change" America has seen in a little over 70 years. People used to dress up to fly back then. Today, I'll get on a plane and see people there who look like they got out of bed, and went straight to the airport.
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    When they make you take off your shoes just to get on the damn plane because some assmonkey of a failed terrorist couldn't ignite his stinky shoes, who the fuck wants to get spruced up for the humiliation?

    That's not counting the fact that flying used to be something only the rich and upper middleclass could do. Now it's no big deal, and airline pilots are whining because the public finally realizes they're not demigods, just bus drivers in the sky.
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    I'll often time have a suit on. I just slip off my shoes, and take off my belt and jacket. I leave the cuff links in, and say screw em. They can see the damned things on my sleeves as i walk through the scanner. I do agree the TSA is a joke, but don't think today's "just out of bed" looking traveler does that because of the TSA. IMO, it's a lack of self respect, and respect for others. Something the people in 1939 didn't display like the people of 2013...
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    No Pilot I know is a "bus driver in the sky." VERY technical job with damned near unlimited variables to deal with.
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    Virtually the whole flight as been automated these days, including the landing. Why do you think the number of crashes are down? Sure, piloting is still a very technical task but it's not like the old days by a long shot, not for airliners anyway.

    But you've gotten off topic, which as I recall was you whining about the dress code. :D
  9. So technical that a 15 year old can do it.


    Compton Girl Becomes Youngest To Fly Solo Across America

    CNN reports that 15-year-old Kimberly Anyadike of Compton, Calif. has become the youngest Black woman in history to fly solo across America. She was coached by a Tuskeegee Airman.
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    So fly first class from now on. I'm sure they'll live up to your dress code. :D
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