1929 depression => WWII

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  1. Is there any other way to get out of this mess? Jews who owned the banks 1929 were blamed and that's the reason they were targeted in WWII.

    I am thinking about some kind of regional wars between European countries, (Euro will be abandoned), investment bankers will be put into jail.

    US makes a lot of money by selling weapons to these countries which will eventually pull economy out of depression.
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    Those neocons are some evil pricks.

    Maybe all the people that suggest other people go to war should be the first round of shock troops along with their families.

    I would endorse that kind of war. :)

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    Ummm. Minor point not usually covered in US - It had more to do with Bolsheviks, after the Germans had seen what happened during the Bolshevik takeover of Russia. Fascism was the reaction to Bolshevism. In the USA you're taught that the Germans "just went crazy" for some reason and it's implied maybe they're naturally evil or they just hate certain groups.

    BTW, it seems the PTB all want WWIII for whatever reason. Wouldn't be surprised to see some kind of false flag in the Middle East after the elections.

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    We are a country who sold it's jobs for cheaper prices to foreigh countries who now hold most of our debt. We are at eight year lows for unemployment and it is going to get much much worse cause so many stores are closing it's doors. We allowed Toyota, Honda and others to produce their cars for low paying jobs which killed our ability to make profits on our own cars.

    USA wanted cheaper products, stock market wanted to go up.
    Baby Boomers worked hard and had less kids, these kids are not as motivated as their parents were therefore less product will be bought, less taxes collected.

    Stock market is going to tumble much lower, USA must make it so costly for it's citizens to buy foreigh products that companies will have to bring back jobs to USA and make factories. Jobs go up, more taxes collected, stock market goes up.

    Need huge tariffs, China taking in trillions of USA money, they certainly not buying much of our products, which we make few.
    Obama going to tax the crap out of us so we will spend less on Chinas products, whereas if tariffs increased hugely, citizens would not spend and pay off their credit cards.

    When Old man Walton, who made Walmart was alive, 98% of the products in his store were USA made, that ended when he died, look at where we are now, almost everything in Walmart is made overseas.

    We live in very scary times and most folks don't have a clue.
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  5. Very few realize that the Germans stopped communism from taking over.

    Now the same communists call themselves "neo-cons" and use the republican party to further the same communist agenda.

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    Thanks to the invention of nuclear weapons, the war with China or Russia can be ruled out. The US military is proud to say that "we will bomb you back to the stone age", but such a threat cannot be
    carried out to either China or Russian unless US is also willing to go back the stone age.
  7. Chill. Stick around for the rest of your life and everything will be fine. So give yourself a break from jerking off and stop worrying about something you don't know enough about.

    Let the Chinks or whoever make stuff for us to buy as cheap as sh*t. Excellent. We'll give them paper dollars to play with and they love it.

    And for you pal why don't you trade and make yourself rich. Or is it just your little opinion you want ET to have?:cool:
  8. You clearly receive your information from kosher sources.

    Jews were target because of their association with communism. They were seen as an alien force fighting to undermine the local and native culture of Europe. The communism/Jewish association was removed out of history books during the cold war. Hence, most people are unaware of it.

    I am not an anti-Semite and believe the holocaust was a devastating tragedy in human history. But facts are facts and the above is statement is a historical fact.
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