1911 Baseball Cards

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  1. I have 6, 1911 tobacco cards that my father found in our house in the 1970s. Stored away hidden in some obscure closet for who knows how long, he kept them and eventually gave them to me. I have them stored in hard cases untouched for decades essentially.

    I figure now that it's 2011 and the 100 yr anniversary, they may be at their peak value? I haven't followed card values in yrs.

    Wondering if anyone knows the best route to get them evaluated?
  2. 1) Christy's, Sotheby's or Antiques RoadShow? :confused:
    2) Baseball cards, as with any other collectible, will tend to fluctuate in value with the overall economy. :cool:
  3. 1) I don't think they are valuable enough for Sotheby's or Christy's...although would be nice if they were :)

    2) Mkt is up huge....economy is BOOMING :D

  4. Burn them , they are worthless
  5. Boss302


    Brownsfan gave you some good advice. Hunt Auctions has an internet auction just about every month and I always see some cards like yours listed. You can look at past auctions to do a search and see what certain items sold for. They have another one coming up Feb 16th. Heritage auction galleries is another good one as well but Hunt auctions deals much more in baseball.