190k in an hour¿¿¿ scalping????

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  1. Ok people, I would like to know if this is/was possible or it´s just a "promo" demo-trading stuff????

    A guy made +194k in an hour of scalping.. manually, no HFT stuff....


    any comments?
  2. Yes it's possible and based on the video, it looks legit. He's trading with a decent amount of BP too as we can tell from him being long 1.5M shares C in the beginning of the video. With 1.5M shares, every cent C moves is equal to $15,000 in realized loss or profit.

    On this particular day, C traded well over a billion shares. Nowadays we don't have any stocks that trade anywhere close to that. BAC is lucky to do 200M in a day.

    So to sum it up, you have an experienced scalper with excellent instincts and lightning fast reactions, one of the best platforms out there for scalping, low commissions, and the best ever stock for scalping (price/float/volume/liquidity/low volatility/etc) on one of the highest volume days for C. All the key ingredients for making a killing.

    For the record, my best day ever scalping C was somewhere around $70-$75K. However, I didn't have anywhere near the BP as him. I was trading mostly 100-200K shares at a time, in and out all day long.
  3. Paul Rotter made 50+ million a year for ten years scalping every day. Numbers get big in this game for the fortunate few.

    "He trades between 200-300,000 round turns daily "
  4. Yep he's one of the best traders of all time, but he flips futures and the OP was asking about scalping equities (C).
  5. BTW, this video is from 12/17/2009 when C traded 3,772,638,000. Yes, that's 3.77 billion shares. Those days were really a once in a lifetime opportunity for those who knew how to play the game.
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    What do you guys think about his technique?

    It seemed like he had orders stacked up on both sides of the level 2 a cent or two offside most or all of the time. On thing I noticed was that the time he was wrong in the direction of the stock he covered at a loss and also bought in the direction of the move which ended up making up for the losing trade and profiting on top of that.

    Also just one ES chart? I'm debating this myself whether there is an advantage to having more info/indicators or being able to concentrate more on fewer charts/tos/level2 screens.

    How do you think he chose which ecn's to use? He ended up paying fee's overall but there had to be some rebates in there as well. (NSX)

    Where have the traders migrated to since Citi is no longer an option for this type of trading? What is the best scalping stock on Amex?
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    How can you read the screen, its completely blurry, I enlarged it and couldnt even see the trades....
  8. play with resolution.
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    The clarity improves once you get to the third video.
  10. could not watch it clearly.

    I think it is possible. actually even one cent catch, in a hour, how many cents you will catch, even in a 1minute bar, there is lots of "little" move, those moves add up, mean lot, plus large size, it multiplies into lot of money.

    you can do a test in your demo account, you just throw around very frequently with 1kshares or 100shares, buy and then sell, sell then buy ..... even you did not notice the market's move, your loss/your gain will get quickly big . in this kind of situation, limit order works better, but need the market' stability in the price level.

    I normally trade use stop order (a typical trend follower, buy on the most recent new high, sell on the most recent new low, casually buy in the drop using limit order or sell in the pop using limit order, currently of course I can easily switch those two startegies),lont time ago one day I trade crude CL with 1lot, just how amazingly I lost 5k+ just in a hour. I feel puzzled. it seems to me I just did 20 trades. while crude moves nothing from the chart, in that hour it wiggles around just 0.4~0.5 points. if I bought/sold it then hold it in the first place, I could not lose more than 500 bucks. but with many trades, it become possible to lose far more than the market's net move in that period. if in another side is this guy, then he must make 5k+ in that hour. if he trades 10lot, then 50k, if he trades 30 lot, then he can easily make 150k.

    one day I remeberred I trade a penny stock around 7 bucks, the market first is going up, then flat there, then start to drop i used a limit buy order to buy it when it is flat, then immediately write a sell order with 3kshares, I played many times, more than 20 trades, each play is a winner 9gain 5 cents each play), till it hit the rally takeoff point (drop to the previous low), then it refused to drop, so my order could not lifted.I laughed i get amused: I felt i was playing a game with another side, and another side must be anonnyed, then he/she gives up, beef up against to my game.

    possible. it all depends on how you play it.
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