190 million dollar powerball winners

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TKOtrader, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. 1 of the 2 winning tickets for the 190 million powerball was a group of highschool cooks and janitors who put up quarters to buy a couple tickets.

    thats awesome.

    if i dont win it , its people like that , that i want to win.
  2. that is alot of kachingo. wonder if they would be interested in contibuting to a small hedge fund ??


  3. :D :D
  4. matt5555


    if you won 190 million would you still trade?

  5. i'd probably take like 5-10 mill and play the markets like it was a slot machine

    would you ?
  6. If I won that much money, I doubt I'd be spending any time in front of a computer anymore.

    With that much FU money, why even bother with markets?

  7. agreed , but sooner or later you will be home just relaxing................. and at that time is when i'd go to my comp, log into my 10 million dollar account , and buy millions of dollars worth of es or nq , and just roll the dice. just have a little fun at home.

    win , great .... lose , who cares !

  8. i don't do this for the money.