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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by hanseatic, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. hanseatic


    I would like to open an account to trade futures,
    You need to be 21 for a margin account at Interactive Brokers...

    I would like to use either buttontrader or xtrader for the front-end platform.

    Any of you opened an account successfully younger than 21 to trade futures with a good front-end ??

    Please suggest a broker , eg Velocity, IB, other,

    what the age requirements are ....

    I have about $6000 to start.
  2. auspiv


    i opened an account with mirus futures at 18 with 3k. ninjatrader is the front, and it works well. there are others too-velocity futures, amp futures, etc.
  3. in canada it's 18 lol, i have an account.
  4. I started when I was 18 trading corn futures back in the early 2000's with a local broker....but try Mirus...I use them now and they are great...Ninja Trader will do fine for you too, I actually like it a little better than Button Trader, haven't tryed X-Trader...looked a little pricey for my needs. I doubt that unless you are doing spreads it would be necessary
  5. kxvid


    You can open up a margin account at optionsxpress if your 18. They have minimum income and liquid net worth requirements if you want to get approved for futures.
  6. hanseatic


    Just wondering if any use velocity futures with ninja trader
    (under 21) ?

    Reason is that with the zen-fire data feed the time and sales doesnt show up but with TT feed it does when trading Eurex products.

  7. -I would like to open an account to trade futures-

    with all due respect kid

    what is your prior trading experience ?

    if you were to lose 5000 of your 6000 in a month or two after opening your acct
    would this create a problem for you ?

    have you an interest in going to college or are you already in a good university ?

    would you consider sending a resume ( cv )
    to a top trading firm on the chance they thought
    you had something to offer them ?
  8. btw as an aside it's amazing to see this many people taking this career path this early on, how many of you are also going to college at the same time if you don't mind me asking, my self personally (i'm 18) i manage both, somehow :).
  9. Ah, youth. You need to go to college first. It's pointless if you don't have a solid grounding in finance and economics. I guarantee you will lose money without this knowledge.