19 of 20 picks correct last week!

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  1. Personal best for me. Thanks to a bull market. Experimenting with 2 new set-ups. I could not trade on Friday because the market gap up and blew up my models. Profits ranged from .35 to 2.20. Set ups were from 2 hrs to 2days.
    Back testing over past 15 days on 2 hour hold was 59% correct with .78 win .51 loose. On 2 day hold was $1.58 win .78 loose with a 52% accuracy. On overnight trade I use a small position (around $3000) and on short term larger ($12000) stake.

    Stock price range was from $40 to $80 range with 1 million min. share

    Software Trade-ideas.com Back tested on e-trade strategy runner.

    Yes, real money trades.
  2. Over optimized, curve fit nonsense.

    Good luck with your dice rolling. :p
  3. TGregg


  4. Thanks Chief,

    I do suck at trading. I just got hooked up with some new software and bull market.
    Will this winning streak continue. No it will not. It is working right now and I have learned some more money management techniques. Thanks Geez.
  5. damn, I thought you was talking about boogers.
  6. like buying 1 share of every stock in the s&p 100 on a trending day and claiming 90 winners.

    yeah, typical ET nose picker.