19" Lcd $130a/r

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by wareco, May 31, 2006.

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    It's ugly imo.

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    I've got 3 of these puppies. Rebate brings it down to about $190. Get the BM if you want the speakers.

    Acer 1914B/BM 19" LCD
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    Nice. I would have gone all widescreen but I had originally bought 2 of the 19s back in Feb before the prices were so good. Got the 3rd 19" for esthetic reasons.

    Microcenter is very good with rebates. They have a tracking website. Only caveat, they give only about 1-2 weeks for submission.
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    Too funny. :D I was going to post a new thread this morning asking about the latest deals on larger LCD monitors. You all beat me 2 it. :D Thx. I have 2 - 19" and a 21" top-of-the-line CRT monitors and they're great, but soooooo heaaaaavvvvy. :D
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    I still have my 19" ADI CRT. Very nice back when I originally bought. But when I went to the LCD, the screen brightness was what stood out. Just amazing. Combined that with the weight and energy savings, there is really no reason to still buy CRTs.
  8. O.K., got my monitor yesterday. No dead pixels. :D Toned down the brightness a bit, upped the refresh rate, and I'm very happy. Don't know how you could beat it for $130.
  9. OfficeDepot.com has the ViewSonic Q7B 17" LCD Monitor Display for $200 - $30 off $150 code 26410885 [Exp 6/4] - $50 rebate [Exp 6/3] = $120 with free shipping. [BizRate]

    # 1280x1024 optimum resolution, contrast ratio 500:1, 8ms
    # Brightness 300 cd/m2, speakers 2x1-watt, PC and Mac compatible

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