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  1. When will BBlue or some other pc giant create what we want, a notebook with a 19" screen?
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    Acer Aspire 1703 has actual 17 inch (comparable to 19 inch CRT) but weighs a hefty 7 kg (14 pounds?)

    Nice machine, but not something you can take with you on a plane...:D
  3. Why not?

    Put it in a pelican case (waterproof, with foam) and just have it in the hold....

  4. HP, Apple and Tosh make 17" laptops. I'm taking about the next step for mankind. I'm talking about ergonomically designed for a 350 pound American. Supersize, and the weight isn't an issue as long as it's liftable.
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    The 15" Widescreen Notebooks have almost as much screen "real estate" as their 17" desk top brothers. I have plenty on my Inspiron and it weighs about 6 lbs. I can hook up a second screen with the dual card built in.

  6. What about more than one screen?
  7. When it gets to be 19", the term "notebook" hardly seems applicable :)

  8. You can get extra PCMCIA card(s) to drive more screens, I believe there are cards that can drive up to 4.....
  9. which machine number was that?

    Inspiron 8600?

    what card gives this feature of running a seperate monitor?
  10. I have the Acer 1703 and use it in conjunction with an 18" AOC screen
    Does great.
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