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    i am looking to set up a multiple monitor setup. i need to do it cheap though. i have a dell monitor now, and am looking to add two monitors. i would love flat pannel, but i cant afford that now. (college) so, could yall give me some opinions on 17 or 19 inch crt's. any reccomendations or advice would be great. thanks...
  2. I recently bought a 19" Sceptre LCD from Newegg for $500 and it was well worth it. I was using a 17" NEC CRT that was about 10 years old before that.

    I realize what it is like to be in college and thus the need for CRTs but I would consider the pros and cons. 19" LCD gives the viewing area of about a 21" CRT but at a fraction of the desk space and eye strain. Granted you could probably get your 2 19" CRTs for not much more the $500 if you shopped around.

    Also, a 15" LCD equates to about a 17" CRT and a 17" LCD equates to about a 19" LCD. It might be a worthwhile exercise to compare the cost of 2 15" or 17" LCDs to 2 17" or 19" CRTs.
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    For 19" CRTs, try Samsung 955 (about $170), or for a bit more, Samsung 957.
  4. if your in college and don't have the money buy them used. i bet you can buy 2 used 17 inch ones for 70 for both. my big question is how does a guy in college have 232 post on here. what could a guy in college have to add on here for that many post. i make a living trading and you got more post then me. i got to ask what are you talking about on here? haha
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    I use 3 Sony 19 inch G420's, as good as any panels i've used, except for "top o the range" samsungs or the Eizo Flexiscans - they keep u warm on those dark winter nights too ;-)
  6. i got 3 sony 21 inch dell flats screen monitors and i think they are better pictures then any flat panels. my problem is the heat from them are killing me. i got a ceiling fan which is not helping much. so i got fans you put in your window to suck the hot air out too. hey man does the heat from them make the air in the room way to heavy to breath?
  7. I have two 21" CRT Dell 1626HT monitors (repackaged Sony Trinitron monitors). They're about 5yrs old, and I bought them both used for $90/each. They're a bit heavy, but the picture quality is great and there's a surplus supply of them on the 2nd hand market, meaning you can get them cheap.

    good luck.
  8. Hi JoshuaFree1
    Any Link or name to the ''2nd hand market'' 21" Sony CRT Trinitron monitors ?. I own two Sony Trinitron Multiscan E 500 since 1999. Bought brand new. Is been great and less heat. Thinking about getting two more.
  9. Try google. The very first link shows that monitor for $180. You can do better than that with a little digging, or try your newspaper / local used shop.

  10. you can also try www.pricewatch.com if you don't know of anything local to you.
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