19 important things you should know about PowerShares QQQ before you buy it

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  1. A comprehensive article about investing PowerShares QQQ : "19 important things you should know about PowerShares QQQ before you buy it"

    PowerShares QQQ is a top U.S. - Large Cap Growth fund by assets and is hugely popular among individual investors. We’ll cover some of the basic and advanced topics you should know about QQQ, such as:

    QQQ ETF profile
    QQQ underlying index (i.e., what does it track?)
    QQQ holdings
    QQQ historical performance
    QQQ dividend yield
    QQQ expense ratio
    QQQ tax efficiency (implications of investing in QQQ on taxable accounts)
    QQQ beta (risk level)
    QQQ Sharpe ratio (risk-adjusted return)
    QQQ vs VTSAX
    QQQ vs SOXX
    QQQ vs VUG
    QQQ vs FDN
    QQQ vs VTI
    QQQ vs XLK
    QQQ vs TQQQ
    QQQ vs VGT
    QQQ vs SPY
    QQQ vs. other ETFs or mutual funds
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  2. Likely all true and accurate, but for traders every bit of this is meaningless.
  3. %%
    Mostly all true; except i seldom check the exspence ratio or comparison to SPY, but have done that in the past.LOL Besides the [ETFs]exspence ratio is/are trending down................................................................................. I did check that on some ''free'' trading offers, but its on a much lower volume products so i passed.
  4. dozu888


    there is only 1 thing you need to know - nobody can outperform it.
  5. deaddog


    Somebody must it is an average.

    If you can't outperform it you should not be trading.
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  6. %%
    Plenty can't outperform SPY/ S&P 500;
    over 10 years.:cool::cool:
  7. qxr1011


    The only thing one should know before entering any trade; what are the risks
    and how to control them.
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  8. %% Good points;
    but get more than that.Like it went down 80% bear of 2002/+............ Uptrending now
  9. qxr1011


    Well as discussions on this forum shows people do not know to control risks, they just buying, and then just panicking... And selling on the bottom of course
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    Strange how much that happens; then you have CNBC trying to get the buyers back in all the time in a bear market LOL.:cool::cool:. NOT a prediction+ i dont watch them that much anymore......
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