19" Flat Crt $60.00

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by balda, Apr 1, 2004.

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  2. lol!!!
    Forget rebates, dude. They don't send money in 60% of all cases. That is the result of a survey done by several market research firms.
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    here is the link for that rebate. it is a $199 monitor, and there are 2 $70 rebates that can go with it.


    it is at the top of the page.

    go get em...
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    i am in the market for 2 '19 inch monitors. how does this monitor look? thanks for any comments...
  5. the deal is over. check the site.
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    the 2 rebates end 4/3 and 4/10. it aint over yet baby...
  7. did you buy them?
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    I've hard 100% return on my mail in rebates. This is from face to face shopping at Office Max and Staples. I did have to Email Staples on my HP laptop rebate to make sure I got it. It was $100. And I am pretty retentive, so I had the receipts in my expenses folder.

    I suspect some of it is that people forget to mail them in, or don't do it in time. I send mine in the same day. I also wouldn't be surprised if Staples (for example) regularly don't send them in, and wait for people to complain.
  9. looks like limited to one rebate not two, too bad
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    where are you getting that from? just curious...
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