19.57% dividend yield and + cash flow???

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  1. Catch? What catch?

    It is free money.

    Leverage it up 4 to 1 and get 78% yield.

    Mo' mo' mo' mo' free money.
  2. any serious comments will be greatly appreciated
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    Do some research and post your results. Why should we do your analysis for you? Lazy people deserve to lose money.
  5. every turkey with a pulse is in this one.

    the story is compelling, but theres always a chance that you wake up one morning and this is down 30%. Maybe more.

    seems like a good racket, so why are so many hedge funds not just playing this game instead of torturing themselves.
  6. http://www.agnc.com/

    "We fund our investments primarily through short-term borrowings"

    If short term interest rates change then income and dividend might change.

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    Seeing so many articles about mREITS on SA and in the financial news in recent weeks, I'm very leery of entering into them right now as anything other than a speculation that might pay me something along the way. Based on media/commentary levels alone, the mREIT thing almost feels "bubble-ish" to me.

    Heck, van Eck just rolled out an ETF comprised exclusively of mREITS this week....IMHO when ETFs pop up in a hot space that might make folks pause before plunging into the sector, even with such enticing dividends.
  8. hows that divvie woiken out 4 ya?
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