$18M buying power!?

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  2. What a wanker!
  3. This is Peter Millman, brother of another great trader Serge. One of these guys was on the cover of Forbes in the 1990s... it was an article about the Soes Bandits.

    His buying power is that because he is, assumingly, great at what he does.
  4. You could martingale with $18M in buying power [​IMG]
  5. $18M in buying power.

    I too will show my respect:

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. i paused the screen

    open pnl - $440
    closed pnl - $48

    on 18mm BP.. riggghhhttt
  7. i had unlimited buying power when I was with MF global xpress... just like EVAN doley.. who lost 140 million in a night trading wehat futures.. 21,000 contracts to be exact!

    next day I had margin!

    buying power is no measure of anything
  8. I know Pete. He trade from the Lightspeed trading room in NYC. Lightspeed only offer a 4x1 trading margin and a very low commision. Pete is a a Young Multi Millionaire trader and have a huge trading account (must be over 5 mm at this time) His brother Serge manage a fund named Ronin Capital. However, there is one guy in the floor who is bigger than both.
  9. Why are you responding to a 14 month old thread? Did you search ET for Mr. Millman's name?

  10. Him and his brother are solid traders, wonder what Lspeed paid him to do that ad.
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