1890s lodge on 2.6 wooded acres in Mill Valley asks $9.5 million

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  2. That is very pretty, but it also looks like it will require some serious renovations. The roof especially seems very affected, if they had to cover it up with nylon. Who knows how much water damage there's inside.
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    You are paying for the location and 2.6 acres, buildings have rotted.
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    Marin County...gorgeous place
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  5. Yes, most definitely. Once you buy that location you'd have to invest quite a bit more for renovation/new construction.
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    This property is walking distance from the downtown, within a Redwood grove, stream through the property and MV library ( best small town library in US 2015) and amphitheater is hop skip and jump away IE if Southern Marin is one's ideal location it doesn't get any better.