1871 Gold $1 piece?

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  1. I'm not a collector, it's the only piece I own.
    Are coin appraisers generally reliable? At this point I would like an insurance appraisal, then stuff it in the safe deposit box.
    I've never been to a coin shop, not sure what to expect.
    Any experienced collectors here?
  2. I have several gold pieces. Most of these bugs want to buy your stuff. They probably won't give you an honest price.

    When I collected coins about 50 years ago, you could buy a book every year that you could use to appraise your stuff. Question is where are you going to go to get a fair price, other than an auction.
  3. Good points.
    Had an appraisal done several years ago on a lithograph, the appraiser said the signature was printed, not signed, which was untrue, he offered $400 for it. Clown.
  4. http://www.pcgs.com/prices/PriceGuideDetail.aspx?MS=3&PR=1&c=51&title=Gold+Dollar

    Unless you have it graded, your coin is worth somewhere around $500-$700. That is assuming almost uncirculated condition I think you should get it graded if you are so sure of its excellent condition. Maybe its value can get into this range:


    The rest of your plan of getting insurance and putting it in a safety deposit box, well, it sounds absurd. Safety Deposit box is far from safe when it comes to precious metals, as shown by history. As for insurance, I just have to ask, why waste the money on the premiums?
  5. I don't know why you are calling him a clown. Sounds like a reasonable offer several years ago.
  6. I was never a collector, and I'm sure a certified appraiser would give a good estimate, and it's really not for sale. The whole thing came up in lieu of these "gold parties". My wife went to one last night and sold stuff she was unattached to, she swears it was nothing I bought her!:confused: