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    How does the AUD go from 46 cents USD to 90 USD in a few years???

    I live in Syd AU we have 50% youth unemployment
    Every second house is for sale

    Your average aussie is in personal debt of $100K plus

    Our government is more unstable then then a three legged table

  2. Well, could I ask you a few questions? Hopefully through these questions, we could figure out the answer to your question.

    How many times did interest rate increase?

    Why did interest rate increase?

    Is interest rate expected to increase?

    What is the percentage of export you guys do that deal with China?

    What are these exports?

    Do you anticipate these exports to increase in the long run?
  3. A "3-legged table" would be very stable... a tripod...
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    Interest rates up 0.25 points every quarter hence the house sales

    Exports up 30% to china this year our biggest export steel, coal

    I'm thinking china is backing our currency against the green back
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    correct an isoceles triangle ;-)
  6. Are they selling their house because of the interest rate increase? I am just curious, because I don't know how mortgage payment work in Oz. In North America, the payment is fixed (just the proportion of interest change)

    If Oz is expect to increase business with China and that China is continue to prosper, then that may just explained the AUD run.
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    The interest rates here are 90% variable in the housing loan market

    10% are fixed rates like the US of A

    Depends on the bank finance contract you have

    Correct bank forclosures like your property market

    China own us
    they have purchased anything worth owning
    Any AU companies who remain have a heavy china influence
    in the manufacturing/mining sector all has gone to china

    the chinese workers in china are on 69 cents per hour we can't compete

    AU is another province of chairman maos great china

    Our prime minister is a mandarin speaking ass kisser
    our soon to be prime minister is penny wong nice chinise lady, coughs

    I live in the south west of syd soon to be like detroit

    Last year our gov borrowed heavily from china to stimulate our economy
    at interest rates that match the mob
  8. Well, given the close relationship Australia has with China, there could be a +/- correlation between the Chinese Yuan and the AUD.
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    You should know it's your XXXX playing field

    I'm going to ride the chinise dragon see if we can get evens our kangaroo $ with the green back
    Then i'm buying benjamin franklins and moving to the US of A
  10. Seriously, I have not a clue. I am like those psychiatrist confirming what you already know. :p

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