18 Reported Dead In El Paso Mass Shooting, Alleged Racist ‘Manifesto’ Posted

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    I read his manifesto too and while he had anti corporate and pro environmental stances he clearly states his motives were based on white nationalism.

    What I always find interesting about these guys is they long for a White only society. For instance, this guy wrote about a dream of dividing America into four territories based on race.

    What he doesn’t understand - and most of these white people that lean on their skin color for their sense of worth and identity - is that success that the vast majority white persons of worth or education in America don’t want that.

    People with resources and education can succeed in any racial makeup and know diversity adds wealth and value to an economy.

    There are white enclaves in Kentucky and Idaho that are built around the idea to build a White only community. They don’t have doctors and lawyers and engineers and are shitholes because nobody of worth wants to live there.

    So, yes, all of this anti immigrant rhetoric is encouraging white white males who cannot succeed in any society to release their self hatred on a vulnerable populations and this will just continue until we address 1. The motivation and 2. The means.

    Now we see the right wing idiots on this board saying that it was society’s fault because of the “pussification” of America. No, that’s as stupid as thinking America will some day be split into 4 territories based on race.

    The motivation is spread through the rhetoric. People underestimate the power and influence of a spoken or written word because it doesn’t impact the majority of people but it does have impact on a minority of people. People obsess over ideas and people latch on to words they give them an out from their faults.

    This guy did not believe it was his fault he could not succeed because of the rhetoric coming from the right wing.

    The means is easily available in America. This guy had an AK 47 and chose bullets based on lethality! Both of those things should have at least a minimal amount of regulation. It’s common sense.
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    Really? I watched the Democratic debates the other night and one of the main points put forth was decriminalizing illegal immigration, what is that exactly if not open borders???

    Obviously this guy, both perpetrators are mentally ill, the act itself is just that. But why do we (both sides are just as guilty) paint everyone that disagrees with our political views in the same light as these individuals. No one on the right advocates this.

    But we see everyone divide and accuse our opponents of being in the far extreme fringes of their party.

    It’s not the gun, its the hatred spewed by both sides that fuels these senseless killings.

    Quit politicizing these events, and come together and denounce the hatred.
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    It’s the hatred spewed by one side that incited and emboldened this guy. Quit trying to spread the blame.
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  5. There have been over 40 people shot in Chicago so far this weekend. It's a better than even money bet that number will damn near double before Monday morning. It's also better than and even money bet that 40+ more will be shot next weekend, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next...this year, and years to come. This does not count stabbing, assaults, car jackings, hit and runs and general mayhem. In short, it's an El Paso every weekend in Chicago.
    What's the point you ask. Nobody seems to give a shit unless it's a lone shooter. Why is that? What's with the media hype? Why does this need to be national news for hours on end showing a continuous loop of the scene? What's with the morbid bloodlust? How much are they contributing in creating these monsters? Maybe we need to address that, along with social media fanning the flames.
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    You need to detach yourself from emotions and take an objective look at the political narrative today. The left’s fringe hatred fuels the right’s fringe hatred and vice versa, with the vast multitudes in the middle being identified as bad actors by their opponents.

    No sane person on either side condones these attacks. You can have a political view opposite someone else without hating and wishing harm on that individual.
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    Tony Stark

    Or maybe we need to keep the guns out of the hands of monsters, lone shooters, and gangbangers
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    You’re wrong. Everyday people advocate for minimum regulations to stop the guns getting into the hands of criminals so places like Chicago can be safer.

    You’re just not listening to what the people saying we need minimum regulations on guns are actually saying.
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    I don't have any idea as to why the average American gun supporter can't come to terms with the following;

    A mass shooting is made possible by the shooter having access to a semi-automatic assault rifle. That is a rifle firing multiple bullets per second. That equals multiple deaths per second if used properly, which they have been more times than you can probably count in the last year never mind the last 40.

    Take away the assault rifles and someone who is inclined for whatever reason to commit mass murder, can only do so using a melee weapon (knife, hammer, baseball bat etc). Someone in the process of committing mass murder with one of these can be far more easily escaped or apprehended and much sooner. Don't get me wrong, someone using a knife to attack people is not ideal, but that person is going to kill infinitely less people than a so called bully victim turned soldier with an assault rifle. Why can't you see that? take away assault weapons and you literally save hundreds of thousands of lives, if not millions in America. School-age people no less.

    Look at the London bridge attack of 2017, 8 people killed by three attackers who rammed pedestrians on the bridge and then got out of the vehicle and began attacking people with knives in the centre of London. What if they had assault rifles? All three of them? Exactly. It's beyond belief what that scene could have looked like. and it's even further beyond belief that there are still Americans supporting gun rights in America, after thousands & thousands of deaths in the last year alone! :(

    The first page alone has 24 separate incidents from yesterday 3rd August. Astonishing! Greatest country on Earth? Not yesterday it wasn't.
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  10. I'm on record here saying it needs to be a hell of a lot tougher to own a gun. Longer wait times, much more mandatory training and education, a psychological profile where deemed necessary, maybe in all cases might be worth looking into. All of that won't prevent every mass shooting and it certainly won't stop the gang violence, but it's worth doing
    This is a much deeper problem than a ban or tax will be able to fix. We must address our mental heath in this country. We must hold our political leaders and media to account when they engage in provocative speech and calling Trump a racist day and night is provocative speech. The never ending attempt to divide the country into segments is provocative speech. The media and politicians of all stripes are directly responsible for inciting this violence. We don't want to do this for the same reason we don't want to address any other of our problems, because it will be very difficult and will require people of influence to own their own shit. No, it's much easier to call for a ban and a tax, which will accomplish nothing of substance.
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