18 Reported Dead In El Paso Mass Shooting, Alleged Racist ‘Manifesto’ Posted

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tony Stark, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. You're somewhat delusional then about what is actually happening. As I stated, until American boomers die out I hold out little hope for any solutions. Just look at how hard some of you resist any changes to social policy on this site.
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    so what you're saying is British frontiersmen in the southern territories were somehow manlier than those up north? Is that your argument? And that somehow we have forgotten those roots from 300 yrs ago so is why we are shooting each other now? You never heard of the vikings? C'mon man
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  3. vanzandt


    2 questions.
    What does "as designed" mean? That earns an instant loss of credibility ok. Park the conspiracy stuff at the door.

    Second... WTF did Clubber say that was wrong?

    How old are you? This goes beyond your opinionated war on firearms and the poverty rant.
    You've been here awhile Nine-Ender and we've had our words.... so I'll still stop short of calling you the ignorant one like you called him in the hope an intellectual discussion can follow, but let me say that things have changed exponentially in this world. I don't have an answer or a solution... but I can say to you please don't be a tunnel-visioned simpleton here, which is exactly what the post I just quoted from you portends. See the bigger picture my friend. Don't scapegoat events based on your view of the world. You are not omnipotent, and the opinion you express here via the words you write reflects the lack of depth required to comprehend the root of this discussion.

    Quit calling people names ok. Glass houses.
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    Lang is one of the biggest pieces of shit on this board, look at his history of racist post and whining, he needs the crap kicked out of him. He’s the pure definition of a punk. His vulva is the size of the Grand Canyon .
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    I just read through the manifesto. This psychopath was all over the map. He references the New Zealand shooter, and it's clear that he had a similar mindset. The NZ shooter said that he felt like Muslims were invading much of Europe. This guy said that he felt like illegal immigrants were invading the U.S.

    It's hard to get a take on his political stances. He says many things that make him sound like a radical right winger. But he also says that republicans are terrible, and his environmentalism and anti-corporations stance make him sound like a left winger.

    Many will try to blame this on Trump, but based off what he wrote, the democratic shift towards open borders and citizenship for illegal immigrants had a bigger affect on him than anything. That shift would've occurred regardless of who was in the white house. He said he felt this way before Trump even started running his campaign.

    This is happening so often that we're starting to become numb to it. I'm not sure how we do it, but we need to find a way to stop people like this from buying firearms.
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  6. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    Yeah, nothing political about a racist immigrant hating Trump supporter with an AK 47 shooting 46 people
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  7. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    Yeah,thats a tough one


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  8. You certainly wouldn’t be the one to do it.
    Go back to playing with your doll collection you limp wristed twink.
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    There is no democratic stance for open borders. Stop reading Fox News. There is a huge middle ground between separating children in detention centers and open borders.

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    Thanks VZ
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