18 Reported Dead In El Paso Mass Shooting, Alleged Racist ‘Manifesto’ Posted

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tony Stark, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Amun Ra

    Amun Ra

    I'm just going to leave this here. Can anyone say false flag?

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  2. destriero


    You Trumpers are verified retards... it's been changed back and forth dozens of times since the shootings.

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  3. Here4money


    I grew up at a time when world leaders didn't put fricking El Paso on the map by opening toddler prisons and holding Nazi rallies there and subsequently have extremists drive 9 hrs to shoot up brown people.
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  4. Clubber's an ignorant moron. I have similar reservations about you now. Incredible how far Americans will go to protect their right to carry military grade weapons and promote a society with obscene wealth disparity. What could go wrong ? Other countries aren't immune to violence but the levels in the US are massively higher then any other first world country. How much more of this shit has to go down before you wake up ?

    There is no surprise when these events occur in the US. It's part of your culture as designed. Big, sweeping changes have to be made on numerous fronts ( gun control, health care, poverty, ... ) and it seems until the boomers die out there isn't the will to get anything done.
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  5. Your obsession with what "leftists" are doing is not helpful it's part of the problem.
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  6. Overnight


    I actually was not on about this latest mass-shooting specifically. I just agreed with what Clubber mentioned in his post about possible reasons why these things are occurring with supposedly more frequency.

    Unless you grew up here in the US as a boomer/Gen-X, you can't understand what I mean by the "pussification of America".

    It does not have to do with just the bloody second amendment. It has to do with SO many issues related to the protecting of the fucking children. Kids are no longer allowed to let off steam. This shit builds up for years and years and years, and then SNAP! Something breaks in a bad way.

    Nine-ender, you can think of me any way you please, but from where I sit here in the US, this slowly smoldering pile of wanting to do maleficence has been building up for a long time, because people (and especially kids) are no longer allowed to blow off steam by getting into the occasional scrape. Getting aggression out is no longer P.C.
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  7. vanzandt


    Can we not politicize this?
    I know feelings run high here and everybody wants to take sides, but for real, the best post on this thread, and omg heaven forbid we acknowledge it, was Clubber's. There was not a hint of political bent to it, aside from the last line. But that was ok too.
    He is absolutely right in everything he wrote.
    There's a bigger picture here. Clubber nailed it. He's 100% right.
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  8. Here4money


    Sorry, but that's a pile of garbage. The pussification is on all Western countries. If you think it's bad in America, visit Canada or Scandinavia. They don't have mass shootings every week.

    You're welcome to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is
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  9. Overnight


    Of course he was spot on, because he is correct! 110% And when I looked back at the reply I just finished, I realize that I basically just said the same thing he did and so had no original thought or input on it! Because how can you add more truth to what is already true?!? OMG I suck at trading, AND political conversation!

    Well, then here is my original contribution! LOL!

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  10. Overnight


    If I recall my political history, neither Canada nor any Scandinavian country was an unclaimed land, that was then researched/explored by an enterprising group of explorers, who then settled into the new-found untamed land, got comfortable, got really pissy when the church of England got involved from across the pond in their religious affairs (quaker/puritan thing), then got taxed, locals reached boiling point, revolution ensued, reign of the monarchy/overlord was squashed, independence declared, constitution guaranteeing freedoms was ratified, with the provision that if anything like that were to happen again (what the Brits tried to do with the colonists), would be prevented by this new extra Bill of Rights, which grants the people the right to repel the government.

    Did that sort of thing ever happen in Canada, or Finland? Iceland?

    Geez. Here4, come on man. Apple, meet orange.
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