18 Reported Dead In El Paso Mass Shooting, Alleged Racist ‘Manifesto’ Posted

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tony Stark, Aug 3, 2019.

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    another inbred right winger incel pos that couldn't get his dick inside a non-relative

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    What kinda drugs was he on, or just getting off?
    Some SSRI I’m sure.
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  3. Here4money


    Got on the Trump train, drank the MAGA koolaid
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  4. Overnight


    Clubber has the right idea on this.

    What has changed in the last 30-40 years is the pussification of America. It is like my Aunt use to say all the time from the 90s through the 20 naughts...People are getting stupider and stupider.

    The fact that everyone is in everyone else's business. We all saw it coming over time, but could do nothing about any of it. All for the sake of "the children", who must be coddled to the point of even if you fail, you're a winner. WAhhh wahhh mommy mommy mommy! Nope. If you fail, you're a FAILURE! (And I have a very gentle and sensitive disposition in life, but what I've seen since the early 90s has even me shaking my head.) Sorry you got butt-hurt. Deal with it and move on. Social media has spread this disease faster and farther, exponentially.

    Everyone has something to say about everyone else's personal affairs, and demand action on it.

    As an aside...aside from war, I think this is where the "mass killing" spree thing has it's roots.


    That's when "going postal" earned it's place in the American English lexicon.


    This is also the reason why I think people in general will never ever get renewable energy right. Because you want to save the sea birds from dying at off-shore wind farms, so no offshore wind farms. But fossil fuels add C02 to the atmosphere, so we need the wind farms. But we can't kill the sea birds, and we want our beautiful view of an expanse of ocean with a flat horizon unobstructed. And we can't have wave-motion power generation, because that will kill fish.

    Q: What kind of fish?

    A: They will kill all fish.

    Q: Do you eat fish?

    A: Yes, I am a vegan, red meat consumption is bad because it kills our children with cholesterol. It is bad for you, and they contribute to global warming with their farts.

    Q: But you kill fish because you eat them.

    A: That's not the same thing as killing them with a wave-motion generator.

    Q: Oh. And cows contribute to greenhouse gasses?

    A: Yes, that is one of the reasons I don't eat them.

    Q: Do you emit methane gas when you eat something?

    A: Ummm, I guess I do.

    Q: Then don't eat anything, and you will die. Then you will stop contributing to global warming.

    OK, ok, I know that is rather obtuse, but that's the thing about this all. That is the thinking in America now. Thinking in general America has become an M.C. Escher painting of flow. Everyone wants what is best for themselves at the expense of everyone else. People want to tell others what they can or cannot do, without others telling THEM what they can or cannot so.

    Sorry, I rambled.
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    You are so woke attributing anything bad to Trumpy.

    Yer Just like Rob Reiner but without the success.

    Waiting to hear the murderer praise Trumpy and want to know what SSRI he was on or coming off.
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    keep coping and making excuses for Trump's hateful Rhetoric

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    Twitter or a family member just deleted his tweets.
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    Your cuck, perhaps? Lucrum, why don’t you tell us about the joys of SSRIs?
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  9. Handle123


    I grew up in a time where when young you throw rocks and fists, saw blood and broken bones, you learned how to fight instead of hiding behind keyboards today. Your Uncle's and Father taught you how to be a man, you didn't run away and yell it was not your fault like today, you accepted your failures and learned from them, you learned to work, to get going in life and "leave the nest". Much of who I see of our youth still live with parents, unemployed or part time jobs, have no direction, no manners but they have plenty of opinions, always easier to blame the ones who trying to take benefits from them as they to lazy to get with the flow.

    I am a conservative Republican, voted for President Trump and will again, I vote for the principles. Those who don't like Mr. Trump will find anything wrong and blame him. Those who have problems with our country never have actual solutions, just complaints or who to get out of office, shootings were going on when Obama was President, what were you saying then?

    You want less shootings? More people should carry guns, I do everywhere I go when I am in Texas. I live near edge of El Paso.

    My heart and prayers are for all the families who never knew today be their last day to spend breakfast with someone they love. God Bless you all.
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    You still post here? Why?
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