18 month old girl in haiti pulled from rubble(only to be given to a sex trafficker)

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/haitiquakerescuemediaaustralia

    Thats the original story and here is the video. They are looking for the girls parents and a guy claims to be the Uncle. You will see about 50 seconds in or so, they are asking him whats the girls name. He doesnt seem to have a clue like he didnt expect them to ask him that. He looked up at the sky for a few moments trying to think of a name. Apparently just stating your the uncle and then having no clue right off the bat what your nieces name is does not set of any warning flags. That guy could be anyone. A sexual pervert, a trafficker of children...you never know.

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  2. Is there a link to donate money for her, or whoever ends up having parental control of her?
  3. Ever been to Haiti peil?