18:30 EST...Ready, Willing, and Able!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by AMT4SWA, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Globex trading to open soon (18:30 EST). This will be one of those rare moments to really watch and learn the psychology of market play during such a major news event (on every station since the early a.m.). I will trade the action out of the open this evening and I will be playing several strategies. Even if you are not going to trade this event this evening, I would say to fire up your data feed and watch how the market acts...this is a rare opportunity to learn "reactional activities" in the market of this proportion. If you do trade today...keep your emotions in check and be smart...remember there is no easy money!

    Good Fortunes!


    BTW, you know who...I will fire up the MIRC also...see you there!
  2. I have the first quotes: 1080 - 1080 and waiting..

    ps. and let us know how you are doing!