17LCD with 1600x1200 resolution

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    Do you have an idea if such a LCD is available:
    17LCD with 1600x1200 resolution

    I currently have a LCD 15' 1600x1200 ! (not 1400x1050 not 1024x768) on my laptop Dell 8100.

    This LCD is terrific with realtick, really.

    Unfortunately Dell notified me that such LCD screen is not available as a stand-alone product, only as a laptop screen.

    Thanks and waiting for suggestions

  2. Yeah you can get 1600x1200 LCD display resolution, but you're going to be around $3K/each - and you may have to step up to a 19-20" LCD since most 17" LCDs max at 1280x1024.

    Eizo has a 19" 1600x1200 LCD that costs about $3200

    Silicon Graphics used to have a real cool hi-res digital LCD panel in the $4-5K range

    Viewsonic has a 20" 1600x1200 LCD for about $2-2.5K (no idea how good these are - personally haven't had good luck in the past with Viewsonic hi-res monitors)

    If you have the room, it's cheaper to go with two 17" 1280x1024 LCDs (which you can get for around $500-600/each) rather than popping for the 1600x1200 LCD panels

    I'm currently running dual 1600x1200 Hitachi 19" monitors on my workstation. Has worked out real well (the Hitachi is probably the best CRT-based hi-res monitor out there) and I haven't upgraded yet because I've been so damn busy. But I'm now planning to replace them with three or four 1280x1024 17" LCD panels bolted to the edge of my desk (to maximize desktop space) with one of them probably being a touch screen mounted on the right side within easy reach of my right hand.

    Thought about using two of the SGI panels instead because they are probably the slickest displays I've seen, but the "coolness" factor isn't worth the extra $5-6K (can buy lots of new cool toys for that) and there's no option to make one of them a touch panel.

    You can check the CNET site at http://www.cnet.com to comparison shop different LCD display features and prices.
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    Dell has just come out with a new 20" LCD if anyone is interested. I think it's like $1599 if purchased by itself or even cheaper if purchased with a Dell Precision Workstation...


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    Anybod know who makes the screens for Dell LCD"s?
    It's not Dell.
    They just slap they cover on them.