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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TallPaul, Nov 8, 2001.

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    I'm looking to purchase a 17" LCD monitor, and was wondering if anyone could recommend a model that they are happy with. Thanks.
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    I was at CompUsa over the weekend and saw a new sony 18.1" LCD flat screen. It was truely awesome. I think it was around $1200 which really isn't too bad. I am using 2 15" flat screens by Viewsonic and am fairly happy with them. I will probably step up to bigger monitors sometime in the near future....

  3. coops


    What is the useable resolution on the Sony 18" LCD? Currently I'm using 19" CRT at 1024x768 - any higher is just too blurry. I've often wondered what the jumbo 24" Sony monitor is like - anyone using this beast?

    A PC equivalent of MAC 20" LCD would be nice....

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    Currently I'm using 19" CRT at 1024x768 - any higher is just too blurry.

    I've got a couple of 19" CRTs set to 1280x1024. Can't see much point to a screen that large if you don't make use of the higher resolutions. For 1024x768 a 17" monitor is more than adequate. Have you tried setting the higher res? If so, make sure your refresh rate is set to at least 75MHz or your eyes will tire very fast when looking at the screen. Don't set it too high (even if your monitor and video card are capable of it) because text often turns mushy at the higher refresh numbers.
  5. TallPaul


    any thoughts on the NEC, Samsung or Eizo monitors?
  6. I have a ViewSonic VP 151, a 15" inch. Highly recommended - terrific contrast and color depth. I'm considering a 17" ViewSonic for my next monitor.

    Visit www.cnet.com and search for LCDs. There are reviews and lots of very good information.

    Also: do a search on this site for LCD and Plama. This subject was discussed in depth about a month ago.
  7. I use (2) Silicon Graphics 1600SW (17" wide LCD) and a Sony Multiscan FW900 (24" CRT).

    Quite expensive, but absolute top notch. I highly recomend them both.
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    I use (2) Silicon Graphics 1600SW (17" wide LCD)...Quite expensive, but absolute top notch.

    At the recent trading expo in Anaheim I stopped by Hold Bros who had a bunch of SGI flat-panels that were truly outstanding, far better than anything else I saw at the show (including IBM, Viewsonic, etc.). As I have only used CRT's and know nothing about flat-panels, is SGI the same company as Silicon Graphics? If so, do you (or anyone) have any recommendations as to where to purchase them.
  9. Agreed. The SGI LCD's blow everything else away. And it is the same company. (Silicon Graphics). The monitor I use (1600SW) is no longer made. They have a new 18" model (model#F180). I don't think SGI sells through retail chains, I had to order mine through a local computer shop.
  10. mktman


    The SGI FPD180 model can be purchased through Dell.
    A few weeks ago it was 20%off.
    There regular price is 1k less than from the manufacturer.
    Would like to buy this but waiting for more reviews.
    Too new.

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