17" Flat Panel From www.memoryonly.com

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by telozo, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. telozo


  2. I have never heard of this company before. It is maybe more wize for your money to buy a well known brand if your going to be buying a nice monitor.
  3. 3vian


    For that price you could easily get yourself a good name brand 17" LCD. Try www.pricewatch.com or Yahoo! shopping and take a look there.
  4. telozo


    Thanks all

    I will probably try a brand name.


    I bought NEC MultiSync 1760V brand new from EBAY for $360.
    Check out EBAY.
  6. speedy


    Pricewatch has good prices but I have had bad experiences with a couple of the vendors there. I got things in the mail that was not what I ordered. They charged a 20% restocking fee and shipping which basically screwed me. The worst part was it was their fault. I had to get the credit card company involved because after I send the parts back, they refused to pick up my phone calls to confirm receipt. I'm sure there are some credible vendors there but I would check out their website and speak to someone in person rather than just ordering online. From now on, I go to the reputable places. I'm done with the hassles of dealing with mom and pop shops.
  7. www.resellerratings.com will save you lots of time and headaches...