17 Euro$ trading ideas

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  1. Seasonality can push Euro$ price movement. Seasonal charts measure price history so that chartists can see these patterns emerging. Interest rate patterns affect portfolios that are tied to fluctuations in Euro$.

    Seasonal patterns can appear in any market responding to annually recurring events such as Harvest or something as relatively insignificant as the delivery and expiration of futures contracts. Seasonal tends, tops and bottoms, can often be found within these patterns.

    A Seasonal approach to trading futures can be designed to catch these patterns when they tend to repeat. For example the recent report released by Moore Research shows Euro$ trades that have had 100% reliability, fifteen out of the last 15 years. One such Euro$ strategy that comes up this week.
    If you are interested in the Methodology of mining seasonal data. Or, just want to increase your odds trading Òlong-term,Ó Euro$. You may want to give this sample report a look.