17/18 inch LCD with DVI

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by vikana, Sep 20, 2001.

  1. I'm looking to get a 2nd LCD. In particular I'm looking for a 17" or 18" LCD with DVI (digital interface).

    I really like my 15" ViewSonic VP151, but ViewSonic do not appear to make an equivalent 17 or 18 inch.

    Any recommendations ?

    thanks !
  2. Baron

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    What about the Viewsonic VG181? It meets your size requirement and it has DVI inputs too. I saw one of these at a trade show recently and it looked great.

    I recently bought some Compaq TFT8020 18" flat panels, which also meet your requirements, but now that I've used them for a while, I think the viewsonic panels are better quality (I had 15" viewsonic flat panels before).
  3. LelandC



    I am amazed how the prices of these flat screens have continued to tumble. I see that you can get the 18" Viewsonic screens for under $1500.

    I currently have (2) 15" Viewsonic screens and I love them. I could always use more screen space though and those 18's look awfully nice....