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  1. My friend Forex manager is looking to expand his investment and profit sharing business to $1 Billion. He has an excellent track record of not a single losing year for over 10 years with average profit of 35% per annum without compounded paid to investors.

    Worldwide investment companies are having financial problems so we are exploring individual investor’s source. Any suggestions?.

    We have investors from Arab countries who are monitoring each months performance but we cannot depend/rely heavily on a single source because of present world problems. We have to keep moving ahead in search of new pastures (investors). We are exploring investment companies also but it is difficult.

    At present he manages about $110 million (not sure). But big is not better in the financial world. Big is better in the animal world.
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    Bearice, I have a few strategies and they are working wonders for my bottom line. Do you have some investors who would be willing to put some cash in for a reasonable rate of return? On the futures side there is a capital limit, but a fair amount of room for more than what I have now, and on the equity side I have what I know is a lot of room based on the strategy. In total I would say intially I am scalable to at least $100 million. What I would provide in return is a guaranteed return, somewhat like a dividend per year. I would take my fee before the return, and I will state up front it would be significant, as I don't work for free in this arena.
    Let me know if you are just another big mouth or have some actual capital available that needs a manager. I prefer out of country money. Be aware I do have the information available to look into investors as a result of a previous career, so don't waste my time with b.s. Cash talks your b.s. could cause some serious problems for you.
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  4. You're in violation unless you're offering a regulated rate or annuity product. You can't really be this stupid.
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    Atticus, I guess I should have been more obvious, although I thought the claim made it so. I am being sarcastic, and obnoxious. Bearice is a useless POS, and I simply enjoy adding to the stupidity of idiots like it.
    Sorry if this confused you, I figured most would get the stupidity of the claim.
  6. Ask Baron (elitetrader owner/dictator). Baron knows everything. Be careful when you speak to me.
  7. Wow, sorry, yeah... upon reflection it's pretty obvious. I took it serious as it's a substantial violation. Thanks for the clarification.:p
  8. A member has posted "Could you put just positivity in your mind and spread the good things of this world". So I started this thread. Some elitetrader members are associated with our investment company.

    Minimum investment is $20,000 so individual investors can also invest.
  9. $20k minimum on $110MM in AUM? How is that possible? Virtually all sovereigns limit the number of investors in private pools. Assume that all investors simply meet the minimum... that's 5,500 investors.

    Why hasn't this member spoken out personally on behalf of this fine opportunity?

    100% fraud.
  10. Elitetrader member has invested $100,000 so he will not post in forum.
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