16 year old new to trading

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  1. hmm...so you probably turned 16 back around 78? Everyone knows Olivia reached peak hotness in Grease.
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  2. So, what is your advice to the (16 year old) OP, again? Put his/her efforts into understanding the "human condition"?
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  3. vanzandt


    Honestly? All my joking aside?

    I think posts (threads) like this, if not click-bait started by someone with another agenda... is a commentary on our society.

    Kids need parental guidance. This kid needs a father. Not a frickin message board.

    Go down to Chit Chat and Captain Obvious posted a very good youtube video under the thread "random thoughts" the other day.

    Hey for real... I wish the kid the best. And if he's for real... then what I said is right. Social skills are where its at. If you are lost at 16... you're gonna be lost at 35. You won't find answers in a bottle OR on a message board.

    America has huge problems.... and THEY ALL stem from the breakdown in the family unit. Period point blank.

    You can have all the money in the world... but if you are not a good parent to your child.... you ain't shit.
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  4. Overnight


    How do we know or assume the OP is a male? Hmmm?

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  5. comagnum


    At 16 I was in love with the Katrina twins, partying, motocross, surfing, and playing the strat on a full Marshall stack/at full volume inside a double wide trailer.

    Banks are the evil empire. Not to late to turn on, tune in, & drop out from the rat race.
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  6. vanzandt


    ...And feel the Bern. ;)
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  7. Ok, I think I understand. Your advice to the kid is, "Get yourself a father, 'cause this country is going to hell."
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  8. Overnight


    Turning on, tuning in and dropping out might belie your age, unless you're really into Timothy Leary and all that funny stuff at a younger age than you proffer yourself to be. :)
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    And the thread now goes downhill......
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    This thread was doomed from the start.
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