16 year old new to trading

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  1. The thread poster might be disappointed:
    may be he was expecting some encouragements on concentrating on developing below the belt "muscle", as vanzandt was conditionned to do ( not knowing who conditionned him and for what agenda).
    And here he is being advised to do some schooling first, and some serious one.
    Rsoxs19 : you are far too old. Nowdays, traders start at 10 years old. So your age is no longer a real selling point.
    Then wait that third world countries realise that they have a trading edge ( they don't need massive profits in $ terms), and the trading arena will be flooded with super qualified third world traders making in mass a killing.
    I should add my advice: get yourself into a 10 days dhamma (dot) org retreat : this will open your mind, and
    most importantly understand why you did not discuss that with the people who raised you first.
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  2. Haha. Same here.
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    Well thanks for all the advice everyone. Il just have to start reading from the lists that were provided to learn more. Out of curiosity, what was that one thing in your mind at 16 Nonlinear5 and vanzandt?
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    DO NOT go down the Technical Analysis rabbit hole--- start by learning critical thinking, coding, logic and quantitative methods-- leave the hocus pocus to the losers TA will seem very seductive and interesting to you at first, just remember, this is by design.
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    How does learning how to code help you with investing in stocks? It seems like a totally different profession.
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  6. Traditional decision making was human based since the start of stock trading. Within past 5-10 years it's migrated to purely systematic trading where computers apply statistical analysis to pattern and predict decision making of money flows into securities. Programming and quant based knowledge will help you get hired by funds/banks that are looking to model certain parameters.

    Most of stock trading is coat tailing money flows of banks and funds. Look what they did to NVDA.. there are many stocks that are not on radar screen and just have price progression with nominal daily volumes traded.

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    Over 95% of all stock market volume is now algorithm driven. Coding these algos is the present and future of trading.
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  9. It's a new age. Stock analysts, chart technicians, fund managers, risk analysts, and traders are being replaced by quantitative models, developed by statisticians, physicists, mathematicians. These models are implemented by software architects and software engineers.

    The most successful hedge fund in the industry, Renaissance Technologies, employs no traders.
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  10. Girls. Everything else was very distant and secondary.
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