16 and want to be a trader!

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    My name is Diana, I am 16 years old and go to Mark Twain International School here in Romania.

    I am planning on taking the International Baccalaureate in 2010, with the hope of getting accepted to the BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management undergraduate degree programme at Cass Business School. I have no doubt that this program will aid me in achieving my dream to work for a bank as a trader.

    We have recently been given a list of subjects from which we must chose six: 3 at High Level and 3 Standard Levels (one from each group). Seeing as the competition is high with only 70 places available, I am hoping someone here can help me decide what subjects would work to my advantage and give me a bigger chance at getting accepted.

    The subjects we have to chose from are as follows:

    *Group 1:
    English A1, HL & SL
    Romanian A1, HL & SL

    *Group 2:
    English A2 , HL & SL
    Romanian A2, HL & SL

    *Group 3:
    History, HL & SL
    Geography, HL & SL
    Ecosystems and societies, SL

    *Group 4:
    Biology, HL & SL
    Physics, HL & SL
    Chemistry HL & SL

    *Group 5:
    Mathematics, HL & SL
    Mathematical Studies SL
    Computer Sciences HL & SL

    * we must chose two subjects from Group 5 and only 1 from Group 1-4
    In total there must be six subjects chosen: 3 must be at High Level and 3 at Standard *

    Any advice on which subjects to take at HL and which to take at SL would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello Diana

    If your English is good (and it seems to be), then take Computer and Math courses. If possible, continue taking more advanced courses in each subject. Always try for the best grades.

    If and when you can take courses in Economics and Finance, do that as well.

    Try to find out what courses you might take at a University, and then go to the local library and read those books. When books aren't available, research subjects of interest to you on the Internet.

    If there are school clubs whose members share your interest, become a member. If you have a University near you, see if they offer programs for for non-students. Also they may have clubs of students studying in your areas of interest. If there are none, you may want to start one on your own. For example, one of the ways to generate interest is to start an investment club.

    If there is a large city near your home, see if there is a large (preferrably U.S. based) brokerage that will hire you as an intern.

    One last suggestion. This is risky, but it will make you stand out if you do it right. Take the time to write a letter expressing your interest in a job with a specific company (you decide which bank or company), or you may want to compose a good letter and send it to several companies. Address it to the attention of the president of that company (send a copy to the human resources department). Let him know of your interest and your goal, and advise him that in the future you will contact him again when you are qualified to ask for a job. If by chance that man is still president when you are ready, he will probably remember you. If your record in school is a good one, this is the type of thing that may give you an advantage over others.

    Be active in the pursuit of your goal.

    Good luck

  3. Hello Diana,

    First and foremost your desire and goals are admirable. More to the point, you have a plan and you are taking steps to ensure your success. I am truly impressed by your determination and believe you will achieve your goals, possible even surpass them.
    Sadly most 16 year old's in the US are mostly interested in having fun as opposed to planning their futures.

    I can't add to anything that Steve has told you, I don't come from the career oriented side of the industry(I am a small speculator) and what Steve has suggested is very sound advise.

    I was going to say if you have need for resources, ebooks or other financial materials please don't hesitate to ask.

    Good luck to you and never give-up on yourself or your dreams.


  4. honestly i would split my studies between math and arts and or especially music. it is amazing to me the number of "well all" very successful traders who either play instruments or are artist. once they all get money they become art collectors and thrive on music in isolation as they think and ponder.


    ps of course you need to be able to communicate and convey your ideas so anything to do with language and or speaking to the public will help. wish i had more of this myself.

    also know computers hardware data feeds and electronics inside and out because you need to be able to immediately troubleshoot and fix something yourself. i tell you even if you hire a class a computer tech he will be out to lunch when you need him the most. so learn to do all this on your own and prepare for all systems down.
  5. you go to a good school young lady ....

    and must be bright to have found out about us here on ET

    good luck to you in whatever you do later on in your life

  6. Group 5
  7. One way to attack the market is with mathematics. However not all successful styles require math.

    One course of study which will be especially useful, regardless of your style, is LOGIC.
  8. My nephew will be 16 in a few months and his biggest decision is which Xbox 360 game to get next. Really frightening to think of the future of this country in relation to the educational standards of the rest of the world. As for what you should take, you can't go wrong with high level mathematics and computer sciences. In the coming years most trading will be done by computers running adaptive artificial intelligence algorithms.
  9. Diana,

    firstly i wish u all the best.

    if u want to get into CASS make sure u pick the courses you're capable of getting good grades.

    I assume ur a girl - it is very very difficult to get a job as a trader for females anywhere - esp. the sell side. u have far better chance if u target a sales role on the sell side and later get into a portfolio manager roll on the buy side. female portfolio managers in funds/hedge funds are not too rare.

    good luck
  10. So true.
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