16:10 vs 16:9

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    Eyes are bleeding from searching and Googling.

    Can someone give me the bottom line for trading purposes?

    16:10 = more real estate than 16:9, correct?

    Looking at Dell G2410 and Samsung 2443BW

    Dell is 16:9 and Samsung 16:10

    No movies/games just Quotetracker.

    What really is the difference?


  2. Monitors with a 16:10 ratio were popular first, then as HD TV became popular with its 16:9 ratio, computer manufacturers started making monitors with the 16:9 ratio. I think it's a question of personal preference. I have a 20.1" Dell monitor with 16:10 ratio (1680x1050 resolution). One reason I chose this model is that some programs assume that you have 96 pixels per inch resolution. Using the Pythagorean theorem, we see that my monitor has approximately 99 pixels per inch which is close to 96. The only reason I'd go with a 16:9 ratio is if you plan to watch movies on the monitor. You can get a monitor with higher resolution than 96 ppi and the text, and graphics will look better, but some programs and a lot of web pages will look weird because they assume you have 96 ppi. One place that I like to buy monitors from is NewEgg.
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