15k to 25k in 10 days!!

Discussion in 'Options' started by rossmedia, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. Last week I started the challenge to turn my 5k into 10 k in 10 days using options, appreciated your response, although some comments were...well we'll say interesting. I'm up $325 in two days..not too bad.

    Any fresh ideas on turning 15k into 25k within in the same time frame using equities and or options? the regs ofcourse hurt me because my initial startup is less than 25k, but anyway, interested in your thoughts.

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    Oh brother!

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  4. Maybe 25K into 15K ...
  5. This is an easy task, just use wisetrade!!

    Seriously, shut F up man. Your posts are annoying and illogical. If people knew how to turn X dollars into X+Y dollars, where X and Y > 0, they wouldn't tell you, let alone post it for the world to see. What you should be doing is coming up with your own damn method and THEN letting people know how to make X into X+Y dollars. But if you were capable of making any profits at all whatsoever you wouldn't be posting such stupid posts. My advice is to go down to your local ghetto, buy a fat sack of cocaine and sell it out in smaller units. Trade COKE.