158,000 IT Jobs Sent Offshore in 2010

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    Unbelievable indeed

    Didn't know there's still IT jobs left in the US to be offshore...
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  3. This does not include work that has disappeared via eLance and uBid. Many of bidders may appear local to the Western nations, but the real work is really done by an offshore team. They have a local presence or a super-star fronting the back office work in India, Brazil and elsewhere.
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    And that number will continue to rise.

    I know a lot of people in IT and they do have all jobs currently but who knows what happens in 10 year or 20 years, I mean all of them are still quite young and have at least another 20-30 years left in the industry maybe even more but who says a person in IT is going to have job security lasting another 20 years or more???

    Once these jobs go off shore most if not all are lost for good!!!!
  5. Learn to trade :)
  6. There will always be some jobs, but fewer workers will be needed here. The older ones will be first to be let go if they aren't burned out by the long hours after a decade or two.

    Defense sector jobs cannot go away for those lucky enough to get security clearance. It seems age is less an issue if you on government projects, even if you not directly in the civil service.
  7. Simple- join the police or the army- semi decent pay,and a good pension is always a bonus
  8. whats wrong with competing with indians brazilians etc ??? their inflation is pretty high and must get paid more and 20 per hour is not such a bad pay.

    and there is only few good people wherever you go. If you good competition is just fine.
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    I guess you haven't been reading the news. VA benefits are on the attack, and police are being let go left and right.
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