151k IN ES @ 37.50

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jax88, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. jax88


    omgwtfbbq, es printed 151k on alot of providers @ 37.50. Mine only reported 21k. Post how much you're data posted at 37.50 today.
  2. Definitely showing the fat finger in several bid/ask data runs today........some one is definitely talking to the CME right now......LOL! :eek:
  3. Stok


    Tons of shorts stopped out. No fat finger trade IMO.
  4. With trade after the event only to the 1138.75's.....ah, no.....
  5. Tape doesn't confirm this, in fact, it refutes it

  6. just spoke with the CME

    100,000,000% legit happened and it was 40k lot at 7.25 as well

    they spoke with both counterparties of the trade and it was LEGIT
  7. There we go....a real order of 40k off the 1137's on the day (enough to fill resting sell orders up to the 1138.75's after the order hit). :)

    Thanks for that info!
  8. at first I thought I was looking at a fairly common SPY print...doublechecked to make sure it was ES
  9. For real? I just figured once again the data feed is jacked up!
  10. Well, that explains how all the volume was sucked up in such a tight range considering how much went off.
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