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  1. I never thought moving would be such a nightmare. Restricted internet access, dealing with the bullshit of hauling things back and forth and then to top it all off, my car springs an oil leak.

    Oil leak ... go figure -- maybe it is symbolic of what the world is going through right now.

    Anyhow, I just want to say that I'm slowly getting back into things and catching up with a lot of stuff.

    Sorry if I haven't answered any e-mails, but my home e-mail was down for a *month* because of my cable-service provider.

    Oh well, live and learn.

    I hope you are all doing well!
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    Welcome back Auphie, I always enjoyed the carnival around your posts...hope all is well with you!


  4. Welcome back Aphster...
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    :D :D
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    An ET oxymoron "Aphie your PM box is full"

    Just kidding! Welcome back.:D
  7. how is that an oxymoron?
  8. ROFL...
  9. Hmm... 2/15 - 3/15, exactly thirty days... just like a jail sentence.
  10. Or a stint in rehab....
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