150k for a wardrobe? How about a cool 5 million?

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    For a stage? Obama and his cronies spent a cool 5 million on the Greek Temple he used during the annointation ceremony:


    Strangly the very balanced, impartial and fair MSM has choosen to focus on the 150k of clothes of the GOP VP pick rather than the 5 MILLION (plus) used by the DNC presidential nominee for one night. What a surprise. I'm SHOCKED that our non-partisain media would have such an oversight.
  2. Actually that was not Obama, it was the DNC for the Democratic National Convention, and included wages for the month or more and construction.

    I'm sure you can see the difference.

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    well, if the difference you refer to is how one pisses all over reason, then yes, I see your point
  4. So if I told you that the RNC spent $17 million for two companies to revamp the Xcel Energy Center for their convention, you would be three times as outraged?

    They did.

    And no, I don't see a problem with it, but you guys better put up three times the posts of outrage about the Republicans since they spent three times as much.

    And then add in the amount pissed away on shoes and clothes for Palin.

    At least the convention money did something useful.

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    Sarah never went shopping herself, The RNC brought the outfits to her hotel suite. All the outfits are going to charity after the election. Where are the greek columns? if Obama really cared they would have brought lots of money for charity,instead the will end up in Obamas presidental library.

    You cheapen your intelligence by trying to defend every last comment against Obama. Not every move by Obama is virgin pure.
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    That's not happening. :)

  7. Ha Ha Ha :D :D :D
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  9. I'm SHOCKED that our non-partisan Tgregg and Mercor would have such an oversight.
  10. I guess the 15 million the RNC spent is fine though :)

    lol. funny stuff.
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