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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Spectra, May 31, 2009.

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  1. Again, I will say that it is not fair to PRETEND with hypothetical results that you are a profitable trader...here is an update on your managed account


    APRIL : -0.82 %

    MAY : -1.60 %

    JUNE : 0.25 %

    JULY : -1.78 %


    AMAZING , ALEXSCAMSKI , YOU ARE HITTING A NEW RECORD LOSING MONTH , ANYONE wanting to learn how , please sign up for PUREDRECK ....

    " Mr. Wasilewski primarily makes the trading decisions for Profit Navigation's Clients."
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  2. APRIL : -0.82 %

    MAY : -1.60 %

    JUNE : 0.25 %

    JULY : -1.78 %


    How about an update for August before October!

    PUREDRECK ....
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  3. Nice profit, Alex..

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  4. Thank you.

    Yes the Puretick results are posted on our site EVERY DAY, not once per month after the fact.

    Anyone here is invited to judge whether we are real or not.

    And ask the trader who grabbed a 200 point winner yesterday if he was real or not.

    Note: I was not in the room yesterday and only for a couple of hours on Monday.

    I call trades not to make traders into Pavlov dogs but only to guide them to profitability with proven trading methods.

    Yes there are a few losers on this site who swear that there is no such thing as a winning trading strategy.

    Now why do you think they feel that NO ONE CAN MAKE MONEY TRADING?

    Yep, you guessed it.

    See you in the room tomorrow at Puretick.com


    Alex L. Wasilewski
    Co-Founder & Head Trader
    Trades That Work
    1-877-GOLONG1 (1-877-465-6641)
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