$1500.00 Trading Give Away Contest!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Spectra, May 31, 2009.

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  1. Good news,

    PureTick is giving away $1500.00 and a free month membership to the
    trading room again! We've decided to run our 'Follow the Leader'
    contest once again!

    **RULES** All you have to do is follow every alerted/buzzed trade
    that Alex's puts on with 1 or 2 contacts from 6-2-2009 to 6-26-2009
    and you win! Entry: Get in at when he buzzes the trade, exit when he
    says "I'm all out or I'm flat". Use the stops he provides. The
    contest excludes trades in pre-market, dead zone and the first/last
    15 minutes of the day. If we show 5 trades for the day
    then you should show 5 trades on your statement. You may fax, E-mail
    or mail your statement to one of our administrators when the contest
    ends. The user who does this wins, it's that simple!

    The lack of discipline in new traders is AMAZING. We hosted this
    contest a few months back and only 2 traders even came close. Both
    those traders had excellent gains in their account from the trading
    calls and were awarded the prize money as well. Most of the traders
    over traded, missed calls and even faded setups!

    So give it a shot, and you'll have a likely chance of winning!

    This contest is dual purpose and helps you:
    1) Promote discipline
    2) Become more comfortable in pulling the 'trigger'
    3) Sticking to your plan
    4) Not picking tops or bottoms
    5) Give you some extra green
    6) Show you that you can be profitable without over trading
    7) Encourage consistency and patience

    TRADING ALERTS INFORMATION: http://www.puretick.com/room.html
    RECENT TRADING RESULTS: http://www.puretick.com/trkrecord.html

    If you have any questions about PureTick or the contest, please
    E-Mail geoff@puretick.com Trial users, former users, current
    users, and alumni are all eligible to take advantage of the contest!

    NOTE: Based on member feedback. The members area of the site has been redesigned. It's a bit
    easier on the eyes and less confusing now.
  2. Bankster


    This would be a perfect time for a skeptical ET user to join PureTick, take all the calls on a simulator and win the contest. If you want to get over on PureTick and take Alex's money. (Ben Stein is on vacation). Also, if they refuse to pay you'll have legal and flame ammo for years to come!

    heheh BK

    keep me up to date.
  3. The inevitable losses makes the $1,500 less of a motivation, eh?
  4. That is true, most traders lose money.

    What we are trying to do is find the few who have the courage to follow a winning strategy and make money.

    But as you have said atticus, most people will hang out on ET and curse and complain and express their anger because of their losses.

    A small percent will sign up to Puretick.com.

    Those are the winners, the 10%.

    Just you watch atticus. In a little while the losers will crawl out of the woodwork.

    Did you know that Geoff told me that Anek has even begun sending him emails again.


    Of course Anek is not too much of a happy trader these days.

    That does not mean the rest of you have to stay losers.


    Alex L. Wasilewski
    Co-Founder & Head Trader
    Trades That Work
    1-877-GOLONG1 ( 1-877-465-6641 )
  5. Spectra, if you are so good, why don't you put on 10 or 20 lots instead of 1 or 2 lots and forget about recruiting? If you are so confident in yourself, why do you need to go through all the hassle. Just size up and reap the rewards.
  6. At 17x the daily range, $1500 is a crumb eh guys?

    Kick in $500 more and I can buy my very own (Arabic) Gartley Indicator for MT4.
  7. Brandonf

    Brandonf ET Sponsor

  8. Tcbjx9


    Yes I got the E-mail and there was a little link at the bottom that says 'remove me from the list'. I took a few months off but I'm going to rejoin PureTick today. I think I have the discipline to win this contest. I was on trial the last time they held it and thus on simulator. I think Jon5 won if I recall correctly.

    I'm only trading 1 contract still. Is that ok CAJ?

  9. Here's my current feelings.

    Yesterday, I received an E-mail from Nando/Anek and it didn't ask politely to be removed from our free e-mail list. It simply said 'go f**k yourself'. So not only am I not going to remove him, I'm going to add him twice. This isn't how you word a formal request. Learn to treat people with respect and they'll respect you.
    I was thinking of posting the screen cap from Eudora E-mail with your full email address and name, but you'd definitely get a ton of spam then. I do have a heart :) I'm tired of being nice and having people treat me like dirt so now get what you put out.

    aka Cajun Sniper
    Trader/Administrator http://PureTick.com
    #10     Jun 1, 2009
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