$150 Oil - $660 Billion per year cost - T Boone

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  2. That's how Gummint works in Amerika.

    You can spend any amount on anything you want (including yourself) and "charge it to the people".

    That's why the last general election cost $4 Billion. Europeans asked, "Why would Amerikans spend so much on an election?" The answer of course, "BECAUSE IT'S WORTH IT!"

    Federal politicos will SAY ANYTHING, DO ANYTHING, AND SPEND ANY AMOUNT to get into office and stay in office so that they can get their hands on the public treasury.

  3. yo got that right brotherman!
  4. Don't worry, we'll be able to pay for the higher oil cost by handing out $660 Billion in tax rebates.
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    Sure that will work, then the deficit will only be 20 trillion. :)
  6. Check the latest news about USO, there are some fundamentals available:

  7. Right on...except it's pronounced 'GOOBERmint'...
  8. boy i can't wait till i'm 45 and all of those off balance sheet obligations are coming back to destroy my country. what do we have like 9.3 trillion in debt and like 45 trillion in off balance sheet obligations? we are screwed.
  9. We Boomers will be fortunate if the Gummint confiscates ONLY 90% of our wealth through inflation, currency destruction and taxes.

    But you guys who are 30 or 40... we'll you're just F*CKED! And your kids are DOUBLE F*CKED!!
  10. Why can't we just take over Canada, good fishin and free oil!!
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