15 Year Old Oakland Occupy Protester Strangles Parents

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    Friends and relatives said Susan Poff and Robert Kamin of Oakland were the perfect pair to adopt a foster child.

    They had dedicated their careers to helping others escape poverty, she as a physician assistant in a city-run clinic in the Tenderloin and he as a clinical psychologist for inmates in the San Francisco County Jail system.

    But now, less than a decade after they adopted, their 15-year-old son stands accused of strangling both Poff, 50, and Kamin, 55, then hiding their bodies in the back of the family's PT Cruiser…

    Co-workers said Poff and Kamin were having some arguments with their son, some of it having to do with him spending too much time in the Occupy Oakland encampment, but nothing that sounded beyond the scope of typical teenage rebelliousness.

    Read more: http://nation.foxnews.com/occupy-wa...pier-accused-strangling-parents#ixzz1kyLLywqE
  2. When will Obama pull his support of these vermin.
    When will the Democrats and their unions stop funding this operation?
  3. On the bright side, that's one less occuturd on the street.
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    They already are doing their best to run from them. Just last week, Queen Nancy tried to tie the Occuturds around the necks of the Tea Party movement, saying they are the same:

    Speaking at an event hosted by POLITICO, Rep. Pelosi stumbled her way through a question about the continued relevance of the Occupy Wall Street movement, eventually getting to her point which was to suggest that OWS is on its own.

    “…as opposed to the Tea Party, which was practically a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Republican party, we don't really have much of a connection with the Occupy [movement]. In fact, they probably have some sentiments that overlap between the two," said Pelosi

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    I like it, pragmatism at its finest.