15% SPX Drop in a Single Day - Did Anybody Else Catch this Dream?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. I saw it last night and it felt disturbingly real. I was even a little surprised to see the market green today.

    I am wondering if anybody else watched the same dream on the night from Monday to Tuesday?
  2. TILT2


    15%? No. Fed has twisted the market. Shame on it.
  3. after today's drop SPY and XLE went below 200 dma. IWM never made it above 200 dma after Aug.

    only QQQ is above 200 dma albeit barely.
  4. pupu


    Have you been tinkering with your propofol drip again?
  5. With a 6% I call it quits for the rest of the year. I had that dream last night.
  6. SPX almost -4% today and the day is not over yet.

    won't be -15% though :cool:

    Rennick Out :cool:
  7. 2:40PM, e/u at 1.3525. It smells the danger (for late bears) of a rally.
  8. hitnrun


    what dream? that is funny
    this market has made numerous moves of 30 spx points recently
    these are good days for some traders
    another reversal for good reason you can't keep going higher with global markets in turmoil
  9. How are the bears doing today? Market is in the green (gapup), and EUR/USD at 1.3640.
  10. Gap closed with a bit of red. Are sharks (bulls) now entering the waters?
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