15% off to new Sirius Subscribers

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by brownsfan019, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. I just got an email that current Sirius subscribers like myself can refer new subscribers to Sirius and the new subscriber will receive 15% off.

    If anyone is interested in Sirius, send me a PM with your name and email address and I'll get the discount coupon off to you.

    It's nice to have Sirius, esp at football time, if you are not local to your fave team and want to listen to the game.

    http://www.sirius.com/ - for more info on Sirius and stations available. That link does not provide the discount, it must come from a current Sirius subscriber.
  2. vanzandt


    Sirius XM is activated right now if your car has sat radio.
    I think it goes through 11/26.
  3. elderado


    Bunch of bs, they ought to be giving me some sort of discount if I got someone else to subscribe, or how about both of us?

    OTT, love having Sirius, have had it for years.
  4. vanzandt


    Like an Amway type deal? Thats actually not a bad marketing idea for them.
    I love it too. Had it since the get-go pretty much.
    I wish they had like a DVR function however (in car radios), where you could rewind a song if you wanted to re-listen to the lyrics. I've told em this several times.